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Random AU Spine is Random. [UPDATED] by PiuPiu-Littlebird Random AU Spine is Random. [UPDATED] by PiuPiu-Littlebird
Two things:
1- Hats are Hell
2- Perspective is a Bitch.

I saw a picture of some boots with metal heels on the internet today, which progressively spawned this image in my mind.
(I'm talking about these:…  funny how a picture of some shoes can spawn a whole alternate universe :D )

(Download for best view.)

Here's a spontaneous alternate universe Spine, in which he's called Spencer "Iron Spine" Bentley (because "Colt" or "Wesson" were too flippin' obvious), also known as "Razor Back"(as his spines here are freakin blades), sheriff of Gearsburg. (Don't judge. I picked the name as I typed.).

I used these textures:


*Big Iron and AEH softly playing in the background* Spine's fab fedora 


__________ ______________________ ____________ ____________ ____ __ __ ______ _ _ _


I decided to give a backstory to Razor Back (haha :iconrabbitpunplz:)
Here it is. Let me know what you think? :meow:

DISCLAIMER: It's kinda dark. I like dark stories. Spencer never downloaded no peace treaty, so... yeah.

    Spencer Bentley is robot built by Bentley Industries. He's part of an experimental line of robot meant to serve as law enforcers. The prototypes were very successful, but also very costly, and only a few were made. He served a couple of months in his hometown of New Remington, before deciding to move to the remote settlement of Gearsburg, a small town that had the reputation to be the choice rest stop for many notorious gangs and bank robbers. He felt that his abilities would be put to better use in the more unruly parts of the land.
Gearsburg's lifeline at the time was a quickly depleting silver mine, and overtime more and more inhabitants resolved to a life of crime to survive.
Spencer single-handedly arrested, chased off,  killed or dismantled all the wrongdoers of the town within a week, and then was quickly elected sheriff.
Over the years Gearsburg regained a respectable reputation, and  became the pit stop of the many pioneers headed towards the unexplored regions of the land. A railroad was built, and Gearsburg's population grew.
Despite Spencer's efficient work at keeping criminality at bay, he noticed a steady increase of trafficking of counterfeit goods of all sorts through the town, and have yet to discover its source. He suspects the brain of this trafficking to reside in Gearsburg, but has still not found them.

    Spencer is a top-of-the line robot, built with the best technologies his time has to offer. He is extremely efficient in both gunslinging and hand-to-hand combat. He wields two custom made .50 in caliber revolvers equipped with armor-piercing rounds with lightning fast reflexes, which has devastating effects on both organic and mechanical beings. When out of ammo, he can reach out to and pull out his spines, and use them as weapons. Even without those, his titanium alloyed body can do a great deal of damage.
Spencer came to the town on a Silver 3.0 series Mechanical Horse, from the Sleipnir Industries, as no normal horse could withstand his robotic weight. He only uses him for long distance travels.

    Rare are the people who remember seeing Spencer crack a smile. When he first arrived to Gearsburg, green and freshly minted from the factories, he wasn't aware of the life expectancy of the people who lived in such a place.  Most of them ended up killed, died from sicknesses for which they couldn't afford medicine, or from stupidly fatally injuring themselves in a drunken bout. Spencer was originally very social, and considered earning the trust and the acceptance of the people around him just as important as upholding the law. Being a 6'3'' silvery mechanical being with blades coming out of his back, he considered every friendship earned as a victory, and every loss of a new friend as a tragedy. His positronic brain was not fully prepared for such a situation, and he deduced that the only way to keep accomplishing his primary objectives in the most efficient way possible, was to stop befriending the people he was protecting. He became cold, detached, and kept every social interactions to a minimum.
    Spencer's spines can be retracted in his body, and he used to keep them that way, as deploying them in urgency always left important tears in his clothes. He used to make sure to stitch them back up, in order to appear less threatening to the people, but stopped after he ceased to care about how his appearance affected them. He always leaves them deployed now, as he deems preferable to project a threatening image to dissuade any criminal.
Spencer never aims for mindless killing, and always aims for the common good and the preservation of life. But this doesn't prevent him for summarily killing or dismantling anyone that poses a serious threat to the public safety.

    Despite its name, Gearsburg is home to only a few robots, and Spencer has little reason to interact with them. He stays in his office until he is needed, or unless he is investigating the provenience of the counterfeit goods. There, he spends his days playing the guitar, which he learned from one of his human friend before he passed away from dysentery.

    Spencer is respected by the population of Gearsburg. He has been around for over a decade, and the people acknowledge him to be the reason of the town's revival. However they also fear him, and avoid him as much as possible, and it's not rare to hear parents say to their misbehaving children "Do as you're told, or I'll ask the sheriff to come for you."

Art © PiuPiu Littlebird. The Spine is/belongs to David Michael Bennett and Steam Powered Giraffe.

AU Hatchworth: Harry (AU Hatchworth) by PiuPiu-Littlebird  AU Rabbit: Rafaela (AU Rabbit) by PiuPiu-Littlebird  Spencer's horsie: Moonbeam by PiuPiu-Littlebird
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